Foreign Investment, Corporate Law, and Intellectual Property

The Law Firm of Majed M. Garoub has the technical expertise and capability to advise clients on various
issues involving corporate governance, corporate law, foreign investment and governing boards. We
have a dedicated team of experienced lawyers with extensive international and regional backgrounds.

Our clients range from corporations to government departments. We also serve the most high-profile
family-run companies in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

Our services include conducting and handling all legal and procedural aspects in relation to the

• Incorporation of business entities and amendments in articles of association under the Saudi Arabian
Companies Act.
• Conversion of business entities to closely held or public companies pursuant to Saudi Arabian Capital
Market Authority guidelines and regulations.
• Issuance and renewal of all required licenses and permits from governmental departments including
licenses from the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA).
• Formal registration of commercial agencies, distributorships, and franchise agreements in the commercial
register at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

The Intellectual Property practice has always been a pioneer in developing the practice of law and
pushing boundaries whether before trademark, copyright and patent offices, or through enforcement
agencies or courts. The practice grew to extend advice on data protection and privacy, consumer
protection, regulatory affairs and compliance.

Our dedicated trademark filing team is renowned for its experience in prosecuting both traditional and
non-traditional marks throughout Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. Our team members have extensive experience in
managing portfolios and reading the trends of trademarks offices in the region and in shaping the development
of the registration practice in Saudi Arabia.

Our team has extensive experience in copyright recording addressing the practicalities of registration against enforcement. Our patent and industrial designs practice, handles and advises on patent filing strategy and can file and prosecute patent applications using the PCT and
Paris Convention routes across the Middle East. The Practice also regularly conducts patent searches and watches for its clients.

Our work in this area extends to assisting clients identifying intellectual property rights that need to be
protected and properly auditing and advising on the status of those rights. In doing so, we prepare our
reports as relevant to the registration and enforcement rules and practicality of protection needed.