Family Business, Inheritance, and Wealth Management

In the Middle East, family controlled businesses are predominant in most business industries. Throughout the past twenty years, The Law Firm of Majed Garoub has successfully safeguarded the interests of many family controlled businesses against external risk factors, as well as against the inherent prospect of internal family contention.

We address those issues by utilizing our profound knowledge of Islamic Sharia, our multidisciplinary expertise, and our network of practice related experts to provide clients with optimal, Sharia-compliant arrangements and solutions. The Law Firm of Majed Garoub builds legal structures for assets and business holdings throughout the Middle East for family businesses. Our team is determined to protect family businesses and assets from external threats and internal family dialogue and debates. Hence, asset ownership is stabilized.

We work with leading Sharia scholars to design family structures and understandings which are fully compliant with Sharia law. We can achieve this outcome without exposing business structures and family understandings to interference or intervention from secular officials, allowing a seamless transition from the original family stewardship to the next generation.

We provide the following services for the family business
• Corporate restructuring
• Succession planning
• Property and trust advice
• Additional specialized services that incorporate family constitutions
• Limited liability structures tailored to manage business risks
• Family corporate governance systems
• Management and resolution of inter-generational conflicts
• Establishment and management of family offices support

Our lawyers also advise banks, family businesses, public and private companies on their corporate governance practices.