Since its establishment in 1995 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The Law Firm of Majed Garoub has handled and processed more than one thousand lawsuits with an accumulative value exceeding thirty billion Saudi Riyals. We employ a team of dedicated practitioners who offer superior knowledge and understanding of local laws. Our team members have rights of audience before the local courts on a wide variety of levels, including specialized judicial bodies and committees.

We understand that legal systems are often slow and complex with too much emphasis on local law and micro detail. That is why we connect the dots between people and ideas in new and innovative ways to help individuals, organizations and businesses quickly navigate the law and discover smart solutions to their local and international legal challenges.

We work with a wide network of international partners ( law firms, consultancy firms, and legal organizations) allowing us to provide comprehensive globalized integrated services. In addition to our strong domestic capabilities, we are allied with partner firms which provide us ( and our clients ) with multi disciplinary, international expertise and enable us to customize our services to our clients’ interests both domestically and internationally.

Our experience reaches beyond Saudi Arabia and extends across the entirety of the MiddlEast. Our top priority is serving our clients with the best possible solutions and detailed
legal advice to meet any challenge.


Foreign Investment, Corporate Law, and Intellectual Property

The Law Firm of Majed M. Garoub has the technical expertise and capability to advise clients on various issues involving corporate governance.

Construction, Engineering, and Transportation

The Law Firm of Majed Garoub, along with Quigg Golden as its associate partner, is a leader in serving the Construction & Engineering industry.

Healthcare, Food & Medicine

Due to several factors including a rapidly expanding population , the healthcare industry is set to grow massively throughout Saudi Arabia and the GCC over the next several years. Our healthcare, food & medicine team has expertise that derives from the breadth and depth of our involvement with the local business environment.

Real Estate and Hospitality

The real estate and hospitality department at The Law Firm of Majed Garoub offers a broad range of legal services in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East region.

Economic Crimes and Competition

In late 2014, the Saudi Bureau of Investigation and Public Prosecution announced the creation of the Economic Crimes Circuit, which was granted jurisdiction to investigate violations of 40 different statutes.

Family Business, Inheritance, and Wealth Management

In the Middle East, family controlled businesses are predominant in most business industries.

Litigation, Arbitration, Conciliation, and Mediation

The Law Firm of Majed Garoub’s team of lawyers and legal consultants have comprehensive experience with the Saudi Arabian public and private sectors.

Media, Telecommunication and Information Technology

At The Law Firm of Majed Garoub, our Media, Telecommunication & Information Technology practice serves local and international clients with reliable legal support on all matters relevant to all stakeholders in the

Sports Law and Entertainment

The Law Firm of Majed Garoub is one of the leading law firms in operating a devoted sports law practice. Our team of Sports Law & Entertainment lawyers provide a wide range of legal services throughout the Middle East region, covering all areas relevant to the sports industry.